Welcome to Stormy Monday Design, a virtual design agency for an unreal world, and also home of Stormy Monday Racing, an entirely fictitious motor racing team.

I'm a motorsport fan, mostly touring cars, Porsche Cup etc (F1, not so much) and, in my spare time, I design racing liveries in Sony's Gran Turismo 7. Some are for my fictional #StormyMondayRacing team (apologies if no. 17 DJFridge #FlyingFridge has ever bounced you off a track), some are for other sim racers, but most are as close as I can get to the real thing. Eventually, I'd like to get them all uploaded and galleried here, but the best ones go up on my Insta feed. Some are also shared on my GT7 gallery (username "Stoneyhome"). If see one here or on Insta that you'd like to download in-game, but can't find it there, email me - I've probably forgotten to share it.

I also do some web design work in the real world.
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